Come join us for The Witness car show on the 27th May 2022. It will surely be an experience not to miss.

Speed And Sound Is the Order Of The Day.

The various components of the show are as follows:

1. Sound off Competition – here we test the vehicles audio system on specified meter (internationally recognised) for sound pressure readings in Decibels (DB). We further categorise the testing as follows:

1.1 Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is a competition to see who can make the loudest sound with their vehicle’s audio system.

1.2 Bass Boxing is a musical average competition over 30 seconds with a various sub categories with vehicle build classes, and the competitor gets their average without overshooting.

2. Dyno – A dynamometer, or “dyno” for short, is a device for measuring force (torque) and power (kilowatts – kW) from the wheels of a vehicle. Our dyno is one of 2 mobile dyno’s in South Africa. When testing a vehicle we simulate the environment with industrial fans. Vehicles are strapped and secured as the speeds reached on some vehicle top 350kmph. This method of pushing a vehicle to its limits is the safer alternative to illegal street drag racing.

3. Show and Shine – The Show and Shine competition gives competitors the opportunity to show-off their pride and joy vehicle. These include various classes of vehicle from classic and vintage cars, to the ultra-modern custom builds.

4. Prizes – Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 competitors for each of the categories In the components above.

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