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May 18, 2018
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Consisting of four Harvard At6 aircrafts, originally built by the American Aircraft company as trainers to train pilots ahead of and during WW2.

The Harvard Aircrafts have a special place in the hearts of the people of South Africa. They were used to train all of our Airforce pilots at either Central Flying School Dunnotar in Gauteng or later on at Langebaanweg in the Cape. Pretty cool right?
Forming part of the daily lives of thousands, the Harvards where flown by the citizens around the Air Force Bases and general flying areas around our country, carrying with them the characteristic sound of their piston radial engines, naturally drawing all eyes skywards.

Who is Puma?

I’m sure you are all a bit confused about the name of the Flying Lions, but never fear, a little write up is here!
Puma is an energy company that specialises in the manufacture, storage and delivery of specific high-quality fuels, one of them being Avgas which is used by the Harvard aircraft.
A little more information; Puma Energy supplies petrol and diesel for vehicles, as well as supplying the major airports in South Africa. They also supply the rest of Africa and the world with high quality fuels and have one of the greenest footprints of any energy company. That is pretty cool.

Saving Our Planet

One of their major projects that they are involved in relates to the preservation and saving of the rhinos in this country. They have supported this worthy cause to the benefit of many rhinos which are saved on a yearly basis through their support of the anti-poaching element of the project where they support “Rhino 911” and “Freedom” which are organizations that provide emergency care to Rhinos and rhino calf orphans during the anti-poaching project.

Be Sure Not To Miss Out

The Puma sponsorship of the Flying Lions has made it possible for them to appear at different venues and enthral the public with some breath-taking loops, barrel rolls and other close formation manoeuvres which are done with the four aircrafts. To assure you of their eco-friendliness, non-toxic smoke trails from their exhausts.
One of the highlights of the Flying Lions is a night display, which we should be able to see at around 17:30 local on the Saturday night, where the aircraft are fitted with lights and one can see the graceful trajectory flown as the smoke trail is lit up by rear facing lamps.
The Puma Flying Lions Aerobatic Team will be doing three displays at the Royal Show PMB, one late morning and one in the evening on the Saturday 2nd June and one on the Sunday morning of the 3rd June. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the Puma Flying Lions in action!

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