Rock 'n Royal Marimba Fest
Rock ‘n Royal Marimba Fest
May 11, 2019
Sheep & Wool Expo - Fibreworks
Sheep & Wool Expo – Fibreworks
May 11, 2019
Royal Show - Cattle

The Royal Show Cattle section has been a national showpiece for farmers and the public alike. The Royal Show commences with the Youth and Future Farmer competitions, and the commercial classes with judging ‘on the hoof’, preceding transport to the abattoir.

What to Expect in the Cattle Section

2019 will see the continuation of the commercial weaner and heifer competitions; the purpose being to seek out the best livestock in KZN in their ‘working clothes’, with appropriate accolades being extended to the winning exhibitors.

In so doing, it is hoped to expand the section by embracing commercial farmers and providing a platform from which they can gain valuable exposure in the industry.

The Landbouweekblad Carcass Auction – South Africa’s premier red meat event – will take place in the Sheep Expo hall on Tuesday 28 May, and will see the first-time inclusion of Wagyu, a breed purported by many to be extraordinarily tender and sought after.

The Royal Show competitive bovine stud section is renowned for its excellence in terms of quality stock, and, as in past years, this will be the primary area of focus on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the Show.

Not only will the Dexter breed be returning to the Show in earnest in 2019, but their Breeders Society have also elected to choose the Royal to host their National Championships.

The component concludes with Interbreed judging and the Gold Cup Parade and presentations on Wednesday evening.

Under flood-lights, this spectacular and evocative experience elicits interest on the part of breeders and the public alike.

Whilst the show caters for all breeds, it is the norm for Angus, Brahman, Hereford, Limousin, Pinzgauer, PinZ2yl, Simmentaler, Simbra and Sussex to underwrite the event.

To complement the competitive classes, the Royal Show Cattle Expo is focused on affording professionals and the public with a display and information on various breeds.

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