Soweto Towers ON THE GO: An Exciting Mobile Bungee Event

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April 12, 2018
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April 17, 2018

This year, the Royal Show will be hosting the Soweto Towers ON THE GO for an exhilarating mobile bungee and SCAD freefall experience! The event will include a 50m Bungee and the SCAD Freefall, bringing the adrenaline rush straight to you at the Royal Show. If this thrilling adventure sounds good to you, keep on reading…

All About Mobile Bungee and SCAD Freefall

Soweto Towers ON THE GO is coming to the Royal Show! You will need to hold on to your hats for this exciting adrenaline-fueled event, wherein a 50m mobile bungee and SCAD freefall facility will see show goers hurtling through the air! Of all the activities at the Show, this event lures only the brave…

Everyone has heard of the Soweto Towers or Orlando Towers (one in the same thing!) in Johannesburg. This legendary vertical adventure centre attracts thousands of locals and tourists year-round to leap from the suspension bridge and enjoy the rush of air as they race to the ground.

Now, the team at Orlando Towers are coming to the Royal Show to spread the adrenaline rush across the country. Soweto Towers ON THE GO is bringing a 50m bungee and SCAD freefall vertical adventure centre to your doorstep. This is a first for the Show and will definitely be a huge attraction amongst the agricultural exhibitions and animals.

Orlando Towers was conceived in 2001 by the late founders Bob Woods and Brownlee Barry, with the first bungee jump finally taking place in 2009. Current owner and manager Nico Myburg has twenty years of bungee and extreme sport experience and is motivated to introduce people from all walks of life to the world of adrenaline. Safety is the highest priority for the Orlando Towers team – and by extension, the Soweto Towers ON THE GO team. Both the permanent and mobile vertical adventure centre aim to excite and entertain tourists and show goers alike.

Please Note: Medical Conditions and Restrictions Apply!

Whilst everyone is invited to try the Soweto Towers ON THE GO vertical adventures, certain restrictions do apply for safety reasons! Anyone who suffers from asthma, epilepsy, cardio/respiratory disorders, hypertension, high blood pressure, skeletal weakness, joint/ligaments problems, fractures, unhealed wounds, and other medical conditions that would exclude one from participating in extreme sports, can not take part in the mobile bungee or SCAD freefall activities.

Unfortunately, anyone who is pregnant may not take part in these extreme activities either. Please remember that NO PERSON can participate if under the influence of alcohol or drugs! For your safety, the team from Soweto Towers ON THE GO reserves the right to restrict use of their facilities based on the above guidelines!

If the 50m mobile bungee and SCAD freefall facility sounds like it is right up your alley, then head over to the Royal Show website to get your tickets today! More information on this year’s Show, attractions, activities and animal exhibits can be found here.

Should you require any further information, please contact Nico on 072 534 7911

Bungee & SCAD Freefall Costs

Cost of Bungee per person is R300.00

Cost of SCAD Freefall per person is R250.00

Cost for both activities for the duration of the show, R500.00 per person

Don’t forget to watch the video below.

Win with #RoyalShowFreeFall

Calling all adrenaline junkies – the Soweto Towers on The Go will be joining us this year – and they are on a mission to make sure that everyone has the best time possible! They will be awarding a prize to lucky people during the days they are there.

Prizes up for grabs: 

Friday 25 May 1x Bungee

Saturday 26 May 2x SCAD Freefalls

Sunday 27 May 2x SCAD Freefalls

Monday till Friday opening till lunch time 1x Bungee prize every day (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Saturday 2 June 2x SCAD Freefalls

Sunday 3 June 2x SCAD Freefalls

Exciting right? 14 prizes Here is how you can enter.


  • Nominate yourself for a ticket by liking and sharing our Soweto Towers page on Facebook
  • Hashtag your entry with #RoyalShowFreeFall
  • Tag yourself, and nominate four of your friends by tagging them, too
  • Ask your friends to nominate four of their friends by tagging them, as well.

*Competition closes 3rd June 2018

Mobile Bungee and SCAD Freefall Gallery

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