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June 1, 2018
Five Good Reasons to Exhibit at the Royal Show
November 13, 2018

A swoosh, and a flurry of ropes and parachutes, touch down! An ‘Oh my goodness’ is exclaimed, and the skydiver is safely on the ground. The crowd goes wild!
Something you’d like to experience? Get your friends and family down to the Royal Show, we are in for a real treat this year, with the East Coast Skydiving Display team!

For the Thrill of it

The East Coast Skydiving Display comprises of 4 unbelievably dedicated professional sky divers, who are always ready and willing to perform at any particular event.
Their exhilarating skydiving display is set to thrill and entertain the masses while we all sit and watch with our breaths held. Without fail, this team will have you on the edge of your seats, performing highly skilled manoeuvres through the air.

The team is extremely interactive with their spectators, usually chatting to the crowd after their performances.

Why They Do It

The main aim behind the East Coast Skydiving Display team, is to promote the sport of skydiving through educating all of the spectators that comes through to watch them do what they do best.
Don’t miss out on this grand spectacle.

Saturday 2 June 12h00 Coca-Cola – sky-diving
Sunday 3 June 12h00 S A Legion – sky-diving

Buy your tickets online now!

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