A swoosh, and a flurry of ropes and parachutes, touch down! An ‘Oh my goodness’ is exclaimed, and the skydiver is safely on the ground. The crowd goes wild!

Something you’d like to experience? Get your friends and family down to the Royal Show, we are in for a real treat this year, with Durban Skydive Centre!

For the Thrill of it

Durban Skydive Centre has many “Sport Skydivers” who frequent our skydiving dropzone in the Tala Valley just outside Pietermaritzburg.

However, an elite group of incredibly brave and highly trained individuals embark on the higher challenge of skydiving into outdoor events such as the Royal Show, amongst many others.

It is always daunting to land into any arena which literally requires nerves of steel, however our Team are confident, capable, and love the thrill of exciting a large audience.

Safety First

A great deal goes into preparing for Display Skydiving and our main objectives are always to keep the display safe whilst creating maximum crowd enjoyment. Through events like these we love to demonstrate our sport to the public, with the hope of drawing more people into the sport.

We really look forward to jumping into the Royal Show this year and I am positive that our 2022 displays will be real “crowd pleasers”.

Sunday 29 May 14h00 Coca-Cola – sky-diving
Saturday 4 June 13h00 Coca-Cola – sky-diving

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