Honey bees are vitally important – both to ecosystems and agriculture. And without them, no honey! But the honey bee is increasingly threatened around the world. Visit the Honey Hall, grab some honey and find out all about the humble honey bee!

South Africa’s Only Honey Show

Run by the KwaZulu-Natal Bee Farmers Association, the Royal Show’s Honey Show is the only remaining show of its type in the whole of South Africa.

Aimed at educating the public about bees, beekeeping, honey and all aspects of the bee industry, the Honey Hall is a firm favourite with the public, with many delicious honey products on sale.

The KZN Bee Farmers Association is a voluntary association which exists to promote the beekeeping and associated industry, and to educate the public about bees and honey.

During the Royal Show you have the opportunity to come and meet the KZN Beekeepers and learn about these vital and interesting insects. We also hold one of the premier honey competitions in the country, so you can come and experience the wonderful diversity of real honey.

There is honey tasting, an opportunity to watch live bees hard at work and many experienced beekeepers to answer all you questions.