Learn to Love Science with the Fun Science Secret Lab!

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Royal Show - Fun Science

Science is fun – and the team from the Fun Science Secret Lab will be showing Royal Show visitors just how much fun during their ‘I Love Science’ shows! Find out how science can be useful, beautiful, surprising and exciting…

What’s the Fun Science Secret Lab All About?

The KFC River Stage will be a place of ‘explosive’ activity during the 2019 Royal Show, as the Fun Science Secret Lab scientists brings science to life with an entertaining and informative programme for children of all ages.

Watch how these fun scientists create tornadoes and foggy dry ice storms, reveal invisible messages, make fires that start on their own, create ‘volcanoes’ and ‘geysers’ that erupt, and so much more!

The scientists will also share the ‘science behind the experiment’ focused on the older children where the fundamentals of acids and bases, indicators and their reactions with alkaline/acid, redox reaction, density of matter and liquids in particular, water absorbing polymers, chemical reactions, fire, carbon dioxide as a gas and its properties, etc. will all be shared.

At the end of the show all spectators will get a chance to make their own exciting equipment!

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