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It’s that time of the year for the KZN Dog Agility Championships. This event attracts competitors from all over the province to the beautiful grounds at the Royal Agricultural Show. It all happens on Friday afternoon, 31 May, and Saturday morning, 1 June, when the dogs compete in 3 separate disciplines to battle it out for the coveted titles.

See Dog Champs in Action!

Dog agility is the fastest growing canine sport worldwide. It offers super spectator value at both ends of the scale, with the top dogs wowing people with their tremendous speed and accuracy and then the beginners who endear themselves to spectators and handlers alike with their antics…..

Things don’t always go as planned in this sport and there in is the challenge and the charm. Dogs and handlers tackle hurdles, tunnels, and obstacles that require speed as well as skill and intense training. At the end of the day, the fastest dog with the least number of faults wins.

This is a sport of connection and dedication and lots and lots of love. There is an amazing array of dogs and humans; short ones, fat ones, tall ones.…. running carpets and hairless wonders. Any canine and handler is welcome in the agility ring and although there are pedigreed dogs, many of our top dogs are rescues, some with sad stories that have had happy endings. Dogs are divided into three size groups and although border collies and shetland sheep dogs are famous for the sport, many diverse breeds excel.

KZN has produced some outstanding dogs and handlers that have won National as well International accolades, competing in Europe. The province’s top competitors will use the Royal Show as a warm up for the SA Championships that will take place in Gauteng the following weekend and hopefully make selection for the World Agility Champs in Finland in September.

So come and cheer us on and support us and laugh with us as four paws and two feet, but one heart and soul, run for glory.


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