Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Aquazone/Triogen Life – Health product

Dianetics – Dianetic books and DVD’s

DNA Therapy – Portable physiotherapy devices

Earth Organics

Excellence Shampoos – Shampoos

Efficient Microbes – Natural solutions for soil fertilization, animal and human health, and environmental remediation

ER24 Medic Station – South African national emergency medical care network

Healthway Natural Products – Natural clay skincare

Heat in a Click – Heating pads

Lynettes Boutique

Mega Health – health products

Midlands Laser Clinic – Laser clinic

Massager Spa – Therapeutic Massages

Matthews Massagers -Massaging

Nature Zone

Salt of the Earth – Health products shop

Scruf Trading and Marketing – Natural cosmetics

Step Forward SA – Pre-made, custom fitted foot arch supports or orthopedics

Therapeutic Hot Packs – Moist heating packs

Wriggly Tin Naturals – Goat milk bath products