Five Good Reasons to Exhibit at the Royal Show

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January 26, 2020
Graphic with the words Five Reasons to exhibit ar Royal Show 2020

Marketing your business can be a hard penny to spend in tough economic times but it is one of the only things your business can spend on that will bring you more business. In fact, evidence shows that it’s the companies that invest in marketing during lean times that gain market share, both during the economic downtick and when the good times return. One of the best marketing investments a brand can make is attending an exhibition – and it doesn’t get better than the Royal where personal interaction trumps all other forms of marketing! Keep reading the blog for reasons your business needs to exhibit at the Royal Show.

Generate Quality Business Leads

In existence for over 167 years, and with the support of mainline print, digital and broadcast media, the Royal Show is backed by a creative marketing campaign, tailor-made to every component of the Show. At no additional cost and by way of targeting your market, exhibitors are invited to partner in this exercise. Attracting an informed and qualified audience, the Royal Show affords an opportunity to expand your customer base and – although the Show provides a marketing, branding and relationship platform, with leads assured to keep your sales team happy – it’s not uncommon for sales to more than cover the cost of display. In short, the Royal Show is a platform to generate lucrative, highly targeting business leads during the show and beyond.

Get the Competitive Edge

The Royal Show offers you the opportunity to glean which direction your industry is (and isn’t going) in. When you have a small break, leave your booth on a fact-finding mission, searching for what your competitors are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong – for example, take note of their branding, how customers are interacting with that brand, the types of giveaways people remember (and forget), as well as prices and special deals offered. This helps put things in perspective, analyse how you compare and, in so doing, gives you the competitive edge.

Bond with Customers on a Personal Level

In a world where communicating remotely (particularly electronically) with other people is the norm, use the Royal Show to indulge in some highly valued face-to-face interaction. We have the facilities for you to conduct mini-seminars and demonstrations and entertain clients, all of which helps you strengthen your bond with existing customers resulting in return business and referrals.

The Risk of Not Attending

Can you really afford not to exhibit, when your competitors are? Not exhibiting can mean lower levels of brand recognition and the risk of missing valuable business opportunities. Your next big sale or project can come from anywhere, you just have to be there!

A Royal Opportunity

The Royal Show is South Africa’s largest mixed exhibition incorporating the country’s leading agricultural show catering for livestock and equipment. It provides a unique opportunity for organisations to expose their brands, products and services to a large and varied audience.

Convinced? Download the application for this year’s Royal Show here

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