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May 15, 2018
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May 17, 2018

Racing Craze at The Royal Demolition Derby The Royal Show may already be the biggest mixed agricultural show in Africa, but its potential continues to grow. This show is not limited to stunning livestock displays and educational exhibitions; it is gearing to be unbelievable with the introduction of the Royal Demolition Derby – a nail-biting competition to crown just one champion…

Show goers at the Royal Show 2018 can expect an awesome display of fire and chaos with the Royal Demolition Derby! Speed and dexterity come into play as competitors attempt to disable and damage one another’s vehicles for the entertainment of the audience and the honour of the title ‘Demolition Champion’. All those interested in spectating are warned that this is a hair-raising debacle not for the feint of heart! Demolition discretion is advised…

Who Will Be Crowned Demolition Champion?

Ramp It Up with The Royal Demolition Derby 2018Ruaan du Plessis and his team will be competing in the main arena by way of a fender bashing craze! How does the Demolition Derby work, you may ask? Well, the rules are quite simple! Up to ten vehicles will be participating and they are charged with doing as much damage to their competitors in as little time as possible. We want to see bent chassis, wobbly wheels and shuddering engines before a winner is crowned king of the carnage.

Where and When to Witness the Destruction

You can catch the Royal Demolition Derby at the Royal Show 2018! For a death-defying peak at destruction, you can grab your Royal Show tickets here and get a front row seat to the most daring show of the year…The derby will take place in the Main Arena on Friday the 1st and 2nd of June 2018. Competitors will rev their engines from 18:30 and fight it out for the title of ‘Demolition Champion’. Aside from crowning a champion, this event will be mind-blowingly chaotic to excite any and all show goers. The Royal Show 2018 has a bucket load of activities and events to suit just about any audience – you can browse our informative blog posts here to plan your trip to the Royal Show and make the most of the fun!

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