It is believed that the breeding of Fancy pigeons was established in South Africa during or just after the 1899-1903 War, when British soldiers introduced Fancy pigeons to our country. Undoubtedly, there were some fancy breeds in South Africa prior to this but there are no authentic records regarding them.

The South African Fancy Pigeon Association was founded in Cape Town on 13 April 1943 and has grown into a large organization which today consists of 10 different regions and 20 specialist’s clubs reaching to all the corners of South Africa as well as Namibia.

The sport of Fancy Pigeons is a peaceful and enjoyable culture which encourages fellowship and a passion for any member of society and has become a family sport throughout South Africa.

Showing Off

Regional and SA Championship shows are held annually where exhibitors have the opportunity showcase their breeds.  There are currently 265 different breeds registered in the South African book of standards and over 2000 different breeds worldwide.

Fancy Pigeons will be on show at the Royal Show, in the bird hall (next to the rabbit hall) from 1-5 June 2022.  We invite you to pay us a visit to view the various breeds on display and chat to us about this interesting sport.

For any queries or further information feel free to contact Duane Schwarz on 084 207 1617.