Along with the SAMIC carcass champions in Beef and Lamb, and the European Lamb championship, there will be a SAFJA carcass championship in both beef and lamb.

New Competition

It will be similar to the SAMIC competition but will score higher for better conformation carcasses. It will judge carcasses on a more balanced ratio. The 3 conformation scores, dressing percentage, and weight will play a major role in this factor. This will therefore rather display the long-term breeding strategy of the exhibitor.

The 2022 Royal Show Carcass Competition will have a new component for both Lamb and Beef.

The normal SAMIC carcass competition will continue as per usual but there will be new competition with different measurements in this sector.

Grab your chance to see premium-quality carcasses from up close.

There was a request by commercial breeders and stud breeders to look at the scoring system and tweak it to point out more positive carcass aspects to the carcass competition. This would aid breeders to breed better traits and producers to look at meat quality in their breeding systems and bull/ram purchasing. Therefore, there will be a South African Fat Stock Judges Association Carcass Championship (SAFJA Championship). A prize will be awarded to the champion and reserved in both lamb and beef. The two champion carcasses will also be displayed.

The SAFJA championship will be sponsored by the KZN RPO and it will run parallel to the SAMIC competition except the weighting and scoring will be different.

The SAFJA Championship will place a lot more emphasis (points) behind conformation aspects (Conformation, Dressing percentage, Weight) and less on the fat scoring. This balancing out of these aspects will put the carcass close to a 50:50 ratio. This will aid in finding the best fattened and best-bred animal. It is felt that the commercial market needs more emphasis on the quality of the breeding and this new system will achieve this. The system has been tested at 6 major carcass competition shows in 2021 and SAFJA is totally confident that we will achieve a positive response at the Royal.

Live Competitions

The Live competitions will be judged by the top senior judges; Malcolm Moodie and Andrew Adams in Beef and Jan De Jong and Angus Williamson in Lamb. The goal is to try to get the champions of the yard close to being the champions on the hook too.

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