Pietermaritzburg Canary and Cage Bird Club Exhibition

Veld Goat auction at the Royal Show
Indigenous Veld Goat Auction at the Royal Show 2019
May 6, 2019
Pretty Poultry!
May 7, 2019

106 Years of Creating Excellence, Having Fun and Helping One Another Committed to Ethical Bird Keeping.

This year the club celebrated 107 years of existence. It caters for all cage birds and provides outstanding and relevant service to its members.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Membership?

The main highlight of the year is the 107th Annual Open Bird Show, held during the Royal Show, on the 25th and 26th May 2019. There will be birds on exhibition from Friday 24th May to Monday 27th May 2019.

We welcome exhibitors from around the country, with many commenting on the warm hospitality they have experienced at The Royal. Many exhibitors have voiced their opinion that the Royal is their favorite show and will definitely be back in 2019! In addition, there will be birds for sale.

The Club was established in 1912 as a Cage Bird and Gold Fish Club. The keeping, breeding, exhibiting and showing of birds has become a hobby that gives the whole family great pleasure. It is educational, and it is interesting to see the different species kept by breeders. The breeding of birds helps to limit the trade in wild caught and imported birds and promotes conservation. Exhibiting birds is an interesting pastime, a hobby for young and old, and brings people from all walks of life together.

We welcome new members and know that they will experience a sense of belonging, taste our warm hospitality, make new friends, have great success and become active and participating members. Meeting the members’ needs is the reason for our existence. The services provided are designed to help members.

Contact persons: Rob Armstrong (Chairman) 079 173 9267, Graham Adam (Show manager) 072 273 1962, Yogan Pillay (Show secretary) 083 797 1535

Why Show?

Shows provide an open forum in which to evaluate and compare achievements in bird breeding.

The Objects or Goals of Shows

  • They provide an opportunity for birds to be directly compared.
  • Shows enable a breeder to determine the genetic progress he has made.
  • Shows provide an occasion for breeders to exchange ideas.
  • Exhibiting is a form of advertising.
  • Exhibiting successfully adds to the value of the entire flock.

Shows have provided the principal opportunity for people to see and study large numbers of the best birds assembled from many parts of the country. The spirit of competition has inspired breeders to produce better birds and exhibit them at our leading shows. To breed, own, or exhibit a first prize winner, or especially a champion, is a goal that many breeders have struggled for almost a lifetime to achieve.

How to Get Started

Join the Pietermaritzburg Canary and Cage Bird Club today and be part of an exciting hobby. Whether you have a pet budgie or are a professional bird breeder, this club is for you. There are always experts to answer any questions relevant to bird keeping. Whether you are interested in Canaries, Finches, Softbills, Quail, Pheasants, Parrots, Zebra Finches, Bengalese, Budgerigars, wild birds etc, this club is for you. Our meetings are educational, enjoyable and interesting. You will meet friends with a common interest: Because we attend meetings for the social event as much as the educational, time is allowed for tea and snacks. We encourage members to make use of every opportunity to have fun, learn, meet new friends and spend time with old friends, and meet people with similar interests.

We strive to offer our members excellent value for money. Being a member of this club will help you live a more enriching, satisfying, fulfilling and rewarding life, or it’s simply not worth it. We run this club professionally and we try to make sure that everyone does their job to the highest standards. But we want to see that people are having fun. We try to make sure that the people who are associated with this club end up with a smile on their face.

Any person who is interested in joining our club or would like more information can contact the chairman Rob Armstrong 079 173 9267 or the secretary Ron Macrae 083 306 3529 or email: pmbcanaryclub@gmail.com

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