Birds and Poultry Section

Each year, the Royal Show features a strong showing of poultry and show budgies.

Natal and Coast Poultry Show

This Club was founded in 1884 under the name ‘Natal Poultry Club’ making it the oldest poultry club in South Africa.

Three shows are held at the Royal Agricultural Showgrounds in Pietermaritzburg during the winter (including the Royal Show) each year, where members and judges are available to discuss various aspects of poultry showing.

Initially poultry shows were a place to market the then commercial breeds. Nowadays the challenge is to retain these breeds. The hobby is the challenge of improving a breed, maintaining rare breeds to the original standard of the country of origin, as well as the pride of ownership and a sense of accomplishment.

For more information on this hobby contact the Chairman, Tim Nixon on 079 8938610 a/h, e-mail

Pietermaritzburg Budgerigar Club

Pietermaritzburg Budgerigar Club is affiliated to the Budgerigar Society of South Africa and is also one of the oldest budgie clubs in South Africa being founded in 1958. We serve budgie fanciers in the Pietermaritzburg and KZN Midlands areas.

For more information on the Budgerigar Society of South Africa.

The 2017 Birds and Poultry Programme will follow in due course.