Sheep and Goats at the Royal Show

The 2019 Royal Show is looking to be a whirlwind of exciting and educational hubbub and guess what… The Sheep, Goat and Wool Expo has had a facelift! This expo, found next to the Sheep Section, has been revamped and promises to be a hive of activity once again! The expo shows raw and retail products as well as the animals they are derived from in a series of informative displays and activities.

Daily workshops can be enjoyed and an array of products will be on sale in the expo, including: cheese, biltong, wool slippers, women’s clothing, knitting yarns, scarves, hand-knitted jerseys, toys, pillows and so much more! Pretty cool right? Daily sheep shearing demonstrations will take place every hour on the hour for those show goers who would like to see how the professionals do it.

Yarn Stash PMB was established in 2013 and is owned by local independent dyer Wendy Bloy – a specialist in dyeing small quantities of one of a kind colourways. This online business supports local events that highlight small enterprises in the natural fibre and handmade world.

Don’t miss out on the interactive displays with livestock that will be run by the Agricultural Research Council. The Indigenous Veld Goat Club will also be present to dazzle all with their outstanding goats and kids.