Agricultural Clubs

Agricultural Clubs

Bonsmara SA – Breeders’ society in the beef cattle industry

Brahman Cattle Breeders Society – Breeders’ society in the beef cattle industry

Indigenous Veld Goats Breeders Society – Breeders’ of indigenous veld goats

KZN Hereford Club – Hereford Cattle Society – Cattle breeding program

KZN Simmentaler / Simbra Club – South African cattle breeding society

Natal Boran Club – Boran cattle breeders’ society

Natal Holstein Club – Cattle breeders’ society

Natal Jersey Club –Platform for Jersey breeders

National Wool Growers Association – Wool sheep production

Pinzgauer Cattle Breeders’ Society – Breeding of Nguni cows with Pinzgauer bulls

Sussex Society – Cattle breeders’ society of South Africa

The KZN Angus Club – Breeders of Angus bulls and females

KZN Brangus Club – Breeders of Brangus bulls and females