10 Benefits of Exhibiting at the Royal Show 2019

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January 30, 2019
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February 5, 2019

Many business owners, especially when first starting out, look into various avenues of business promotion. These include advertising, online marketing, mall installations, trade shows, and countless more. We’re taking a look at the business benefits of exhibiting at a trade show. More specifically, the benefits of exhibiting at Royal Show 2019:

1. Build a Database

The first benefit of exhibiting at Royal Show 2019 is that it awards you the opportunity to build a database. Whether you ask interested passers-by to sign up for your informative monthly newsletter, or you run a competition where people can enter by leaving their contact details, building a database (or adding to your existing one) is a marketing practice every business can benefit from.

2. Perform Research

A trade show like the Royal Show 2019, where hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life attend, is a great opportunity to perform some market research. This is a chance to find out what the average Joe and Jill and their families think about your products and services. Got a new product you want to introduce to the world? Do it at the Royal Show 2019!

3. Make Contacts

Another big business benefit of exhibiting at Royal Show 2019 is that you’ll be one business among many others that might be able to offer your organisation lucrative partnership opportunities. By getting stuck in and visiting other exhibitors, you’ll be making industry contacts that could benefit you and your business somewhere down the line.

4. Face-to-Face Marketing

Everyone likes to look at a good lamppost advertisement or half-page spread in the local newspaper, but what people really want is to experience a human connection with a brand. By exhibiting at a mixed show like Royal Show 2019, you can put a face to your brand and interact with your existing and potential customers in a face-to-face setting.

5. Brand Exposure

If you’re a new company coming out of the gates, looking to give your new brand a healthy dose of brand exposure to set things off, consider exhibiting at Royal Show 2019. Your brand will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people over a week, and if your stall really stands out – they’ll remember you. As far as brand exposure goes, this is an investment worth looking into.

6. Get New Ideas

As mentioned in the second point, exhibiting at the Royal Show is an opportunity to perform market research. One of these research undertakings is to ascertain needs in the market that you could fill. This is a process of getting ideas from your potential and existing customers on how to improve your products and service delivery. Who knows what customers want better than customers themselves, right?

7. Competitor Insights

Nobody likes a copy-cat, especially copyright lawyers, but companies have been getting ideas from their competitors since the birth of capitalism itself. Depending on the nature of your business, you might or might not have competitors exhibiting at the same show. Either way, you stand to benefit. If there are no competitors, you’ll have all the attention to yourself! If you have competitors, this is a great chance to see what they’re doing and readjust your path to be aligned with current industry practices.

8. Brand Strengthening

This point applies to any brand – new or already established. Growth is a necessity in any company, and the more you can strengthen your brand in the minds of your followers, the better! Exhibiting at Royal Show 2019 allows you a chance to strengthen your brand by coming into the public eye and reminding people that you’re there whenever they may need you. Merely being at a show reveals to your stakeholders that you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone and work for your leads.

9. Show Your Fun Side

Another benefit of exhibiting at the Royal Show, or any trade fair for that matter, is that you can show potential and existing customers the fun side of your brand. This is especially helpful for the more dull industries (like banking, home loan providers, etc.) and you can show the fun side of your brand rather easily – like exhibition minders wearing funky hats or setting up a colourful kiddies play area.

10. Close Pending Deals

As a final benefit of exhibiting at Royal Show 2019, you are awarded the chance to close any deals you might have pending. You could close them at the office, but why waste the opportunity? By finalising transactions at a trade show, you’re showing any potential clients in the vicinity that your business is closing deals and satisfying its customers.

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