Zero to Hero Bike Busters

Mercury Festival of Fine Living
May 27, 2016
Call for Exhibitors – Royal Show 2017
December 14, 2016

Daredevil stunt brothers JC and Daniel De Bruin are back again to wow the crowds with their thrilling stunts. Born to ride, these brothers will keep spectators on the edge of their seats when they push the limits performing some first-of-a-kind stunts at the Zero to Hero Bike Busters event in the Main Arena, on Saturday 4 June at 14h15.

Record Attempt!

Using their vast experience in the motor biking disciplines of motocross, enduro, offroad and supercross, the brothers and their friend and fellow stuntman Jean-Paul Mitchell will be attempting a hair-raising stunt which has never before been attempted in front of a live audience…jumping over not one, not two, but three TLB construction vehicles! In the lead-up to this record attempt, the audience can look forward to an array of fast and furious biking activities – ‘chariot’ racing, bike jousting, bike flips, wheelies and quad bike rolling, to name a few.

Biking and Singing?

The two don’t mix, surely? This act sets out to prove us wrong, with chart-topping South African singer Daniel Baron performing one of his hit tracks whilst riding inside a quad bike during one of the stunt rides! Baron’s sound carries a distinctive flair and he is known for crossing over genres with inspiring stadium-sized rock anthems, emotional piano ballads and edgy electro-infused pop tunes that have taken the country by storm. Can he keep his cool during an exhilarating stunt ride and out-sing the noise of a quad bike? Come along to the Main Arena and find out!

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