SHORTSTRAW to Perfom in #RoyalRock 2016

January 15, 2016
Majozi – Another 2016 Royal Rock perfomer
January 22, 2016

With a number one hit album in 2015 and the winner of two MK Awards for Best Album and Best Video in 2014 – SHORTSTRAW is undoubtedly making waves on the national indie music scene in a big way. With their simple melodies and catchy rhythms and often unexpectedly brilliant lyrics, the band has taken pleasure in rocking the most prominent live music venues and clubs in the country and is well known for getting the crowd dancing!

What to know about SHORTSTRAW

SHORTSTRAW released their third full-length album, entitled YOUTHLESS, on 5 January 2015. The album debuted at number on the iTunes Album Chart on the day of its release and also continued Shortstraw’s commercial radio success.

The band started jamming as Shortstraw since 2007 and gigging (officially) since 2008. Starting as a three-piece, they began recording their debut EP, ‘We Slept Through it All’ with Chris Brink and Mike Stott (of ‘Tweak’ fame) and finally completed recording in December 2008.

Whilst recording said EP, they developed into a full band. A few years and member changes later, the band line-up was completed with original member Alastair, and the rest of the members as they are today, You’re Underfed, I’m Wonderful in 2011 . The band was welcomed by audiences around the country, with the release of their first full length album in 2011.

Top Achievements

From this album, the music video for One Long Day went to the number one spot on the MK Top 10 Music Videos Chart. Shortstraw won a MK MVP for their song, Waterworks, in 2012 and One Long Day was also featured as the soundtrack to the new Nissan X-Trail advertisement late 2012. In early 2013, Shortstraw won the Best Indie MK Award for their music video for One Long Day. Good Morning, Sunshine – 2013. April 2013 saw the release of the band’s much anticipated second album Good Morning, Sunshine just after the band opened for The Kooks on their first South African tour. Bikini Weather, the first single, made it to the number one spot on Tuks FM’s Most Wanted chart, and the title track of the album was released as second single to radio stations nationwide. Shortstraw received their first commercial airplay when it was play listed on 5FM and the likes.

They celebrated the release of the album with a nationwide tour. The album was recorded at High Seas Records in Rosebank, Johannesburg has predominantly been produced by Jacques ‘Jambo’ du Plessis and Marc de la Querra from High Seas Records. Darryl Torr also had some production input on the track called ‘Gimme My Fix’ and Teejay Terreblanche was involved with ‘Bikini Weather’.

Shortstraw won an MK Award in 2013 and in 2014, we saw them win 2 more MK Awards for Best Video and Best Indie, and they also performed at the prestigious Award Ceremony in February 2014. Shortstraw was also part of the Marie Claire Naked Campaign in 2014, and toured to Japan and Australia.

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