Message from the CEO of the Royal Agricultural Society:

SMS Competition
May 26, 2015
January 15, 2016

It has been bought to my attention that an article headed ‘Breaking News: Royal Show Murder’ was published by Public Eye and is currently circulating on Facebook.

To the extent that the Royal Show had nothing to do with this, I respond as follows.

  1. Information gleaned from the security services indicates that the incident took place at the Invesco Centre, some distance from the Royal Showgrounds.
  2. That at no stage did my office cancel an Ukhozi FM concert; quite simply the event was never included in the 2015 Royal Show programme.
  3. Instead, by way of refreshing the mix of entertainment, and in deference to our Zulu speaking guests, the event was replaced with the Vuma FM Gospel concert on Sunday, 31 May.
  4. Further, to avoid any misunderstanding, my office placed A4 size adverts in in the mainline media, circulating in the Pietermaritzburg and greater Durban areas informing the public that the Ukhozi FM concert would not be part of the 2015 Royal Show; this to complement frequent updates on our website and Facebook page.
  5. I understand that the Ukhozi FM concert is scheduled to take place at the Pietermaritzburg Oval on Saturday, 13 June and that this has been alluded to by way of the stations on-air advertising.
  6. It is distressing to note that following one of the most pleasing and successful Royal Show’s in recent times, we should be sullied with misrepresentation.

I trust this clarifies the matter.

TD Strachan


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